Tactile 1.0

A file explorer that offers a 3D environment to handle files and folders
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Tactile is a file explorer, or, in the developers' words an 'organization system’ that provides a whole 3D environment to handle the files in our hard drive. Within this 3D environment it is possible to perform the common operations of a file manager, and more, but its innovative design has been inspired by the natural ability we have to easily recall the position stationary objects.
Tactile detects all the drives in our computer, plus all types of files and folders. We can copy, paste, move, delete, and rename files as we commonly do in an ordinary file explorer, but in a more intuitive way. Entering a folder or drive is like getting into a sort of capsule where we can move, position, and arrange folders’ contents, in the way we find most convenient. While navigating or ‘floating’ within this 3D environment, we will be able to listen to impressive sound effects that make the experience even more realistic.
Besides the above mentioned actions, Tactile allows us to define hot keys to quickly reach those files, which are not easily accessible. On the other hand, we can copy files from different folders and paste them into another directory in one single operation.
Its basic requirements are Windows XP or Win2K, a decent sound and video card, wheel mouse, and at least 512 of RAM.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Impressive graphics and sounds
  • We can arrange files and folders in a customized way
  • Includes a number of advanced operations


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